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Life Science

Efficient and economic solid/liquid separation and drying are vital processing stages and the key to success.

Sefar offers a wide range of filter media for use on various filtration and drying equipment: centrifuges, fluid bed dryers, filter bags and also nutsches, vacuum belts and disc filters.


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Sefar Filter Solutions for the Life Science Industry

SEFAR PHARMA product line includes a range of certified filters with high quality standard.

Each filter is tailor-made and designed to fit in all the equipment used in the production of Pharmaceutical – Nutraceutical – Agrochemical ingredients (API, intermediate, bulk, granulation, formulation, coating, sizing, milling, milk powder production…).


The main equipment is:

Fluid bed dryers


Spray dryers

Nutsche filters

Powder collectors

Horizontal disc filters





Filter presses

Sefar’s reliable service is granted by the presence of 26 subsidiaries established on every continent of the world.

Speaking about service, our focus includes delivery time and technical support. Deep industry expertise has allowed Sefar to create business knowledge towards the main pharmaceutical producers:





Johnson & Johnson







and contract manufacturers (F.I.S., Siegfrid…).


In the last few years, regulation in the Life Science industry has become more stringent. For this reason Sefar developed certified filters that comply with the most important regulations (GMP, EU 10/2011, FDA, ATEX, EC 1935/2004, EC 2023/2006, BSA, TSA, ADM free, Halal, GMO).


The conductivity of our antistatic filters is tested either on the filter media roll goods or on the finished bag (test certificate). 

The GMP filters are manufactured in an ISO class 8 compliant cleanroom. 

Every GMP filter is sealed in a single pack ready to be safely unpacked in front of the machine, to avoid contamination by external agents during transport, handling and storing.

See our video of the SEFAR PHARMA GMP cleanroom

Sefar filter solutions for OEM

Our products meet the specific needs of these filtration applications and are successfully running all over the world on all known equipment brands and OEMs, such as:


GEA Aeromatic

GEA Nu Con


Fluid Air

Freund Vector

Bosch Hüttlin

Bectochem Lödige


Tetra Pak


Andritz KMPT


Comi Condor

Rousselet Robatel




MKK Mitzubishi

3V Cogeim


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  • FS_IF_Equipment_Centrifuge_Inverting Centrifuge 01


    Sefar offers innovative filter solutions for centrifuges in the pharmaceutical and food industry as well as for applications in chemistry and the environment.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Fluid bed dryer_Fluid bed dryer 02

    Fluid Bed Dryers

    Fluid bed dryers are used for drying, agglomerating or coating. Sefar is one of the leading manufacturers of tailor-made filters and spare-parts.

  • FS_IF_Life-Science_Pharma-GMP-bag 02b


    In partnership with the world's top pharmaceutical manufacturers Sefar has developed SEFAR PHARMA GMP Bags providing the highest level of security.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Vacuum dryer 05

    Vacuum Belt Dryers

    SEFAR TETEX DRY is a range of specialized dryer belt fabrics for use in effective and efficient industrial drying of foods and pharmaceutical products.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Horizontal disc_Horizontal disc 01

    Horizontal Disc Filters

    Our filter cloths for disc filters are designed for long life and easy maintenance. They are available in special materials to withstand harsh chemicals and high temperatures.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Nutsche_Fabrication 01

    Nutsche Filter Dryers

    Pressure Nutsche filters are simple and proven filter systems for solid-liquid separation, from medium sized batches to various filter media.

  • FS_Equipment_Filter press_Filter press 05

    Filter Presses

    Sefar has extensive experience in many applications and offers ready-made filter elements adapted to fit customer’s requirements like cake moisture, particles retention etc.

  • FS_IF_Food & Beverages_Milling industry_Sleeves 05

    Dust Filter Bags

    Sefar Filtration produces a wide range of dust collector bags, dust filter socks and dust collector sleeves for most industrial dust collection applications.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Filter bags 01

    Filter Bags

    Sefar Filtration collaborates with leading producers of liquid filtration equipment and products for their filter bag requirements and services.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Filter cartridges

    Filter Cartridges

    Partnering with leading filter cartridge producers, Sefar Filtration are able to offer the highest quality filter cartridges to suit most industrial filtration applications.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Bos vessels & bags

    Filter Housings

    Partnering with major filter housing producers, Sefar Filtration offer the very best quality filter housings available for the industrial filtration industry.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Pleated elements 03b

    Pleated Elements

    Sefar Filtration produces a wide range of dust collector bags, dust filter socks and dust collector sleeves for most industrial dust collection applications.