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  • GR_Location_Switzerland - Thal, Group 02

    Sefar History

    The family-owned company Sefar looks back on a 190-year-old, eventful history.

  • GR_History_1830 Bodmer

    1830 – The start

    H. Bodmer hires Pierre A. Dufour to start producing silk bolting cloth for the sieving of flour.
    In 1833 P.A. Dufour starts his own company in Thal (Dufour & Co). First business trip of P.A. Dufour to the United States in 1835.
    In the next decades, the company employs up to 700 weavers.

  • GR_History_1842 Josephine Onofrio 02

    1842 – Turning point

    Death of Pierre A. Dufour. His wife Anna Joséphine Dufour-Onofrio takes over the leadership of Dufour & Co.

  • GR_History_1850 - 1899

    1850 to 1899 – Boom years

    Rival weaving firms are being founded in Zurich and Eastern Switzerland.

  • GR_History_1900

    1900 – First subsidiary

    First subsidiary of Dufour & Co. founded in New York.

  • Logo_SST_SSZ 02

    1907 – A wise step

    Union between 6 Swiss manufacturers, grouping into one company and operating in two entities:
    Schweiz. Seidengazefabrik, Thal (SST)
    Schweiz. Seidengazefabrik, Zürich (SSZ)

  • GR_History_1911 Detail 02

    1911 – Expansion of production

    Weaving plant (Fabrique Lyonnaise de Soies à Bluter) opened in France.

  • ge_zbf 02

    1912 – Strong group complete

    Züricher Beuteltuchfabrik (ZBF) joins the union. The union dominates the world market for silk bolting cloth.
    Although a single legal entity, SSZ, SST and ZBF operate separately on the market.

  • GR_History_1930

    1930 – Quantum leap 1

    Hand-operated looms are gradually replaced by mechanical weaving machines.

  • GR_History 1950 Detail 02

    1950 – Quantum leap 2

    Synthetic yarn replaces silk.

  • GR_History_12 PET 07-923-W009 O

    1965 – Monofilaments in filtration

    Silk has been continuously replaced by synthetic yarn.
    Introduction of synthetic monofilament mesh for filtration applications.

  • GR_History_altes Sefar-Logo 02

    1995 – Market orientation

    SST, SSZ and ZBF merge to form Sefar, subdivided into 2 divisions:
    Screen Printing & Filtration
    The name Sefar derives from 'SEiden-FAbrikanten Réunion'.
    The presence in Asia Pacific is being reinforced with subsidiaries in Thailand and Singapore.

  • GR_History_1997 Kabinburi

    1997 – Production in Asia

    Weaving plant opened in Kabinburi / Thailand.

  • GR_Location_Australia - Huntingwood 02

    1998 ff. – Growth continues

    Worldwide expansion by acquiring local distributors and by establishing subsidiaries.

  • gr_loc_RO-SIG02

    Today – More production yet

    Weaving plant opened in Sighisoara, Romania.
    Expansion of weaving plant in Kabinburi, Thailand.