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Tubular Aluminum Frames

Sefar offers rigid aluminum frames for screen-printing; textile, container, small and large graphics and membrane switches. These durable sturdy frames allow high tensions, good mesh adhesion and screen cleaning.

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Tubular Alumunim Frame Characteristics

Sefar Printing Solutions offers the broadest line of structurally engineered rigid aluminum frames available on the market today. Lightweight, for easy handling, these frames have an optimum stability-to-weight ratio to maintain flatness and squareness throughout the life of the frame.

Controlled, deep penetration welding provides strength and warp resistance. Every frame is hermetically sealed (liquid-tight) and sandblasted or roughened for excellent synthetic or wire mesh adhesion. Sefar’s aluminum screen frames are available in multiple profile sizes, and custom sizes are available upon request.

Tubular Aluminum Frame Features:

• Lightweight for ease of handling, yet robust to withstand movement throughout the shop and years of service

• Optimum weight-to-strength ratio, engineered to help maintain high mesh tensions

• Deep-welded for strength, warp resistance, and liquid-tight seals for screen processing

• Finished on one side for optimum mesh adhesion propertie


Typical corner surface treatment

Rigid Aluminum Frame Sizes

Rigid aluminum frames from Sefar are available in single-hollow or double-hollow formats (see diagram left), and are prepared with the corner welds ground down and a sandblasted surface. Please call Sefar to obtain a quote for rigid aluminum frames.


Single Hollow Frame


Double Hollow Frame

Additional Frame Information:

• Frames are FOB California

• Pre-bowing on 2 frame sides: Call for quote

• Sandblasting on both sides: Call for quote

• Weld grinding on both sides: Call for quote

Use the diagram below for ordering frames. All frame sizes are listed in the following format:

frame height x frame width x wall thickness

Textile Aluminum Frames

Many customers like our Textile Screen Frames so much that they have asked about purchasing bare frames without mesh. Bare textile frames are only available in raw aluminum (powder coated frames are not sold without mesh). Frames are lightly sandblasted to help adhere the mesh to the frame, and are available in all four textile screen sizes. See table below for frame specifications.

Frame Size


Wall Thickness

18” x 20” Aluminum Frame (actual size 17 15/16" x 19 15/16")



20” x 24” Aluminum Frame (actual size 19 7/8" x 23 15/16")



23” x 31” Aluminum Frame (actual size 22 15/16" x 30 15/16")



25” x 36” Aluminum Frame (actual size 24 15/16" x 35 15/16")



CI Frames

CI, or “Corner Insert,” aluminum frames from Sefar Inc. are an economical way to quickly provide customers with made-to-order frames in custom sizes. Corner insert frames remove the costly welding step in the frame manufacturing process, and replace it with an economical, securely sealed adhesive solution.

Frames are water-tight and solvent resistant. One side of each CI Frame is prepared for improved mesh adhesion.


CI Frames come in three different frame profiles. Each profile has a different wall thickness to improve frame rigidity. Please consult a Sefar Representative before placing an order for CI frames in order to ensure that the correct frame profile is selected for your application. Due to the customization of CI Frames, please contact Sefar Inc. to obtain a quote for a CI Frame order.

**Please note that CI Frames are primarily intended for small format applications, and have a minimum frame size of 12” x 12”. The maximum frame sizes for each profile are listed in the table below.


Frame Model

Profile (h x w)

Wall Thickness

Max. OD

CI 75

0.75” x 0.75”



CI 150

1.5” x 1.5”



CI 200

1.5” x 2.0”




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