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Meet your environmental sustainability targets in coolant filtration, wet FGD processing, waste, process or potable water treatment by using Sefar filters and screen.

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Sefar filter solutions for coolants cleaning, water filtration and FGD gypsum dewatering

For environmental technologies, the application range of our filter materials covers many areas, such as the treatment of dehydration of wet FGD gypsum from power stations or taking out heavy metals in FGD waste incinerators  (W2E) on belt filters, centrifuges, filter presses and candle filter, coolant oil and emulsion filtration on belt and candle filters, membrane and mesh filters for technical cleanliness according VDA 19 and ISO 16232, sludge dewatering and drying using filter presses and dryer belts, microfiltration to screen water on disc and drum filters or helping to achieve cross flow targets on reverse osmosis DTRO filters for process, waste and potable water treatment meeting EPA standards.

Filtration of coolant lubricant

Sefar has pioneered the coolant filtration and is helping leading companies to save money, reduce their environmental impact and maintain the highest possible product and production standards.

The Sefar product range is dedicated to filters using cooling fluids in the metalworking, steel mills and automotive industries, no matter if it is emulsion, oil or wash water. The main advantage of Sefar filter fabrics, compared to traditional media, is the possibility of keeping filter efficiency and the average flow rate at extremely high levels.

By using Sefar filter belts, perfectly purified coolants provide a very good surface finish and a longer tool lifetime. Compared to paper filters or nonwovens, endless filter belts can improve the ecological footprint, increase sustainability, reducing waste costs and quantity. Last, but not least, security filters using bags.

To test the technical cleanliness of the final metal work piece according to VDA 19 and ISO 16232, as well as, the quality of the oil and emulsion (ISO 4406), Sefar offers 5 µm mesh filter and other filter membrane types. These tests take place in a clean room, for which Sefar supplies filter mesh to improve the air flow behavior of the laminar flow roofs.

Filter types

Low-pressure belt filter (UDF), suction belt filter (SF/ HSF), pressure belt filter (HKF/ DBF/ PBF), hinged belt filter, vacuum belt filter, rinsing cabinets, filter nipples, candle filters, control filters, filter presses

Sefar filter solutions for OEM

Our products meet the specific needs of these filtration applications and are successfully running all over the world on all known equipment brands and OEMs, such as:

Hoffmann Apparatebau

Knoll (VLO, VLK, VL)

Bürener Maschinenfabrik (BMF)



Dürr Ecoclean









Mannesmann-Sack Filter




GP Torino

Barnes International


Aqseptence (Bilfinger, Diemme)

Fuhr Filter Technology




FGD gypsum dewatering and heavy metal reduction in waste incineration plants


Flue gas desulfurization, using wet scrubber technology, is one of the main components to purify the flue gas in a modern lignite or coal-fired power plant. A positive side effect is the emergence of synthetic FGD gypsum as by-product.

In order to use it in the construction industry, the FGD gypsum is dewatered on a belt filter (VBF) to a low residual cake moisture of below 10%. Sefar belts are ideally suited for this continuous gypsum dewatering process.

Years of experience in the production of fabric filters, in the form of a double-layered fabric (DLW), enable customers to meet the high demands on low residual cake moisture, while simultaneously achieving excellent cake discharge and belt cleaning properties. In addition to the use of filter belts, drum filters or centrifuges for the dewatering of gypsum are also used. Sefar filter belts have proven themselves thanks to their excellent drainage, low residual cake moisture, good cake discharge and long service life.


The resulting fly ash slag must be washed and dewatered to reduce the amount of heavy metals. Like in the FGD gypsum production, belt filters from Sefar are used for this purpose. These modern facilities, also known as W2E or WTE, convert 'Waste into Energy'. As in coal-fired power plants, toxic flue gases are produced during combustion. The resulting slag must be filtered from any heavy metals on belt filters as in the FGD gypsum dewatering. Fabric filters from Sefar are used for this purpose. The proven double-layer structure (DLW) enables optimum filtration performance on vacuum belt filters (particle retention, washing and draining) while maintaining high stability. Depending on the system, further process steps on candle filters with filter bags or filter presses with filter cloths can be carried out in order to recover and reuse valuable substances such as zinc from the slurry.

Filter types

Sefar filter solutions for OEM

Our products meet the specific needs of these filtration applications and are successfully running all over the world on all known equipment brands and OEMs, such as:

Andritz (Delkor)


Compositech filters

RPA (Filtres Philippe)

FLSmidth (Dorr-Oliver/Eimco)

Thyssen Krupp



Huzhou Hexing

Huzhou Hehua

Huzhou Wangneng

Outotec (Larox/Pannevis)

Yantai Tongxin

Xuhe Environment

Andritz KMPT (Krauss Maffei)


FLSmidth Broadbent

Heinkel – gypsum design

Andritz Separation

BHS Filtration





Compositech filters

BHS Sonthofen

BSH Umweltservice AG

DrM, Mahle

Process, waste and potable water treatment filters


Sustainability and environmental awareness, increased efficiency, purity and cleanliness requirements are just a few of the keywords in water filtration and purification. Increasing demands in process water treatment, international standards or regional laws and regulations are some of the challenges that municipal and industrial water, drinking water, sewage and sludge treatment facilities must increasingly face.

Municipal or industrial companies are faced with the challenges of finding cost-efficient solutions with simultaneously increasing demands for wastewater treatment – whether it is detoxification, draining and drying of sewage sludge, membrane filter presses or belt drying and drainage systems.

Various filter press cloths (single, double or overhang cloth) offer good cleaning capability, fast drainage and long cloth life in addition to optimal cake discharge. Especially when using fully automatic membrane or chamber filter presses, the choice of fabric, i.e. the choice of filter material, the fabric weave, the throughput rate is essential to guarantee smooth operation and low costs. Modern sewage treatment plants do not only perform primary and secondary filtration, but also clean the water in a tertiary filtration stage – whereby a separation of solids and liquids takes place in the microfiltration area. Filters with up to 5 μm fineness remove tiny particles from the water. This creates the optimum conditions for a further process step as a preliminary stage for membrane filters or avoids environmental pollution and keeps micro-plastic waste out of the environment.

There are additional challenges in the areas of drinking water, process water treatment or reuse, i.e. the recycling of process water. The proportion of fines in the filtrate must be as low as possible; good cleansing of the product or a clear separation of solids in the slurry must be achieved. Different filters are used depending on the process step and application: from candle filters, especially with low solids content, to leaf filters for large throughputs, reverse osmosis filters for the separation of very fine particles, or drum sieve or disc sieve filters. Sefar offers a wide range of different materials and finishes for various applications – from screen fabrics with different degrees of opening and crossflow, to monofilament or multifilament filter cloths for very fine to very coarse particles, filter membranes, segments, prefabricated filter elements, filter discs or round woven tubes, from polypropylene (PP) to polyester (PET) to PVDF, PEEK or other special filters.

Filter types

Filter presses, membrane filter presses, chamber filter presses, disc filter, drum filter, candle filter, vacuum belt dryer, sieve filter, reverse osmosis filter, membrane filter

Sefar filter solutions for OEM

Our products meet the specific needs of these filtration applications and are successfully running all over the world on all known equipment brands and OEMs, such as:



Nordic Water

Huber SE



Aqseptence (Bilfinger, Diemme)




In Eko








Alva Laval

Bucher Unipektin





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    Vacuum Belt Filters

    Sefar’s unique DLW construction, combining two different fabric layers, is the material of choice for horizontal vacuum belt filters.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Filter press 03

    Filter Presses

    Sefar has extensive experience in the many applications of filter presses and offers ready-made components to fit the customer’s filter plate dimensions.

  • FS_Equipment_Drum filter_Drum filter 07 (C)

    Rotary Drum Filters

    Sefar’s innovative synthetic fabric is the material for rotary drum filters. Sefar filter belt and cover solutions offer excellent separation efficiency and a long, trouble-free lifetime.

  • IF_Equipment_Coolant belt_Coolant belt 03

    Coolant Filters

    Sefar offers various filtration solutions to the unique challenge of your process and to match every task of coolant filtration in small and large centralised systems.

  • FS_IF_Food & Beverages_Milling industry_Filter bags 01

    Filter Sleeves

    We offer a comprehensive range of filter bags for dust filtration in the environment industry.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Ceramic elements 01b

    Ceramic Elements

    Sefar Filtration offers a unique solution for high temperature dust/particle/fume removal to industry.

  • FS_IF_Food & Beverages_Milling industry_Sleeves 05

    Dust Filter Bags

    Sefar Filtration produces a wide range of dust collector bags, dust filter socks and dust collector sleeves for most industrial dust collection applications.

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    Filter Bags

    Sefar Filtration collaborates with leading producers of liquid filtration equipment and products for their filter bag requirements and services.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Filter cartridges

    Filter Cartridges

    Partnering with leading filter cartridge producers, Sefar Filtration are able to offer the highest quality filter cartridges to suit most industrial filtration applications.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Bos vessels & bags

    Filter Housings

    Partnering with major filter housing producers, Sefar Filtration offer the very best quality filter housings available for the industrial filtration industry.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Pleated elements 03b

    Pleated Elements

    Sefar Filtration produces a wide range of dust collector bags, dust filter socks and dust collector sleeves for most industrial dust collection applications.