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SEFAR Architecture fabric&weather

SEFAR Architecture fabric enhances the beauty of a space while extending its use in all weather conditions. The fabric made of PTFE yarns and the patented fabric structure provides high light transmission and warranted flexibility for static and folding fabric structures.

AS_Architecture_Exterior_Medina sunshades 08
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AS_Architecture_Exterior_Medina sunshades 02b
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Tensile fabric structures, shade structures, large awnings

Retractable roofing and canopy structures, kinetic folding and retractable structures, deployable seasonal structures

Vertical facades, Interior structures, sculptures, marine canopies, translucent ceiling, cladding structures

Your Benefits

Industry leading translucency and made of high-strength and pliable PTFE fibers to optimize light transmission and diffusion

10 year warranty to fold countless times without coating failure/cracking or loosing strength

Unaffected by UV rays, acid rain, salt water and other environmental challenges

Permanently UV-resistant, colorfast, water-resistant fabric will not yellow

VOC and PVC free

SEFAR Architecture fabric&weather redefines fabric construction, inside and out

SEFAR Architecture fabric lets you create exciting translucent and kinetic designs that have never been possible before. This innovative fabric transmits light brilliantly, folds and drapes beautifully. It's the ideal material for luminous tensioned fabric structures, retractable roofs & canopies, sculptures and lightweight structures of all kinds. Unleash your innovation with SEFAR Architecture fabric.

SEFAR Architecture fabric enhances the beauty of a space while extending its use in all weather conditions. The fabric construction provides high light transmission, the flexibility and foldability of fabric and durability that carries a 10-year warranty.


Here is a stunning example of fabric structures created with SEFAR Architecture fabric&weather.

Sun shades for pilgrims, Medina, Saudi Arabia

A total of 250 umbrellas, each one with a surface area of 650 m² and 15 meters high, have been installed in the area surrounding the mosque in Medina al-Munawwarah. These umbrellas work together to form a shaded area of 143,000 m².

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Why SEFAR Architecture fabric&weather

SEFAR Architecture fabric enhances the beauty of a space while extending its use. Unique, patented fabric structure provides high light transmission, the flexibility and foldability of fabric and durability that carries a 10-year warranty.

Lights brilliantly

By day, SEFAR Architecture fabric captures and filters more light than any other textile building material, providing shade without making a space gloomy. At night, dramatic lighting can turn a structure made of SEFAR Architecture fabric into a work of art. Spectacular effects can be achieved with lights of changing colors and patterns.

Folds beautifully

Because it's a woven fabric, SEFAR Architecture fabric flows and drapes smoothly, allowing graceful movement in retractable structures. This flexibility also makes it well suited to uses that require low-profile storage. With the appearance and hand of fabric, SEFAR Architecture fabric adds elegance to your engineered fabric designs.

Lasts ultimately

SEFAR Architecture fabric is unaffected by damaging UV rays, acid rain, salt water and other environmental challenges. Made of high-strength fibers, it will flex and fold countless times without cracking or loosing strength. It's easy to clean. A 10-year warranty ensures that your fabric structure will look beautiful for many years to come.

Sustainable design

SEFAR Architecture fabric is part of an environmentally responsible approach to architecture. The fabric is extremely durable and will not degrade during its long service life. It is free from odor and chemically inert.


SEFAR Architecture fabric is 100% fluoropolymer with a backbone of high tenacity PTFE yarn.
It has the following properties:

free of chlorine

no contribution to ozone depletion unlike chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

no contribution to the formation of chloro/bromo-dioxins or – furans ('dioxins')

free of plasticizers

free of stabilizers

free of catalysts

SEFAR Architecture fabric is therefore harmless to the skin and completely odor-free.


The type of function and benefit a product provides – and for how long – is crucial for the ecological balance of that product. For example, if a product provides a function for twice the time of an alternative product, the negative impact on the environ­ment is significantly reduced. For the equivalent benefit to the user, production of the alternative consumes twice the amount of raw materials, energy resources, water and auxiliaries and generates twice the amount of emissions.

Due to their extremely strong carbon/fluorine bonds, fluoropolymers have unique properties: excellent chemical resistance, high resistance against extreme temperatures and UV radiation.

These properties make products produced from fluoropolymers extremely durable with long service lives, which, as explained above, has a direct positive influence on our environment.

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