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Screen Adhesives

Sefar offers two different types of screen adhesives. Both Cyanoacrylates and Two-Part Adhesives come in several different formulations, making it easy to find the right adhesive for your screen-making needs.

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Cyanoacrylate adhesives, often known as “super glues”, are an adhesive system that consists of an acrylic resin which is rapidly cured by the presence of an accelerator or “activator” (although the adhesives will cure without the presence of an activator as well). With the help of an activator, cyanoacrylates set fast (in about five minutes), and the bond reaches full strength in two hours.

Selecting the right Cyanoacrylate

When selecting the correct cyanoacrylate adhesive for your application, it is important to match the mesh count and adhesive viscocity. Use the tables below as guides for cyanoacrylate selection.


Standard Cyanoacrylate Selection Table

Standard Grade Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Sefar offers a range of private label cyanoacrylate adhesives for your shop with our SEFAR Mesh Adhesive line (SMA). The availability of low, medium and high viscosity adhesives insures a good match between adhesive and mesh specification. Use with Sefar’s standard activator product, SEFAR Activator.



Low viscosity, standard grade cyanoacrylate adhesive designed for fine mesh counts between 230-460 threads per inch.



Medium viscosity, standard grade cyanoacrylate adhesive designed for mid-range mesh counts between 175-305 threads
per inch.



High viscosity, standard grade cyanoacrylate adhesive designed for coarse mesh counts between 83-255 threads per inch.


SEFAR Activator

Standard grade aerosol activator, formulated for use with SEFAR Mesh Adhesives and Frame Fast adhesive products.


Premium Cyanoacrylate Selection Table

Premium Grade Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Sefar carries Frame Fast cyanoacrylates for its premium grade screen making adhesives. Frame Fast adhesives are custom formulated to produce strong bonds of 3,000 psi in comparison to 1,200 psi yielded by standard market adhesives. They are highly affective with aluminum, steel or wood frames, and self-tensioning inserts.

Frame Fast cyanoacrylates are available in multiple viscosities in order to accommodate different mesh specifications and your individual screen-making needs.


Frame Fast 280

Premium, clear, low viscosity formulation for fine mesh counts between 230-460 threads per inch.


Frame Fast Trade Grade

Premium, clear, medium viscosity formulation for mid-range mesh counts between 175-305 threads per inch.


Frame Fast 290

Premium, clear, high viscosity formulation designed for coarse meshes between 83-255 threads per inch.


Frame Fast 295

Flexible, black rubber-toughened formu- lation for the most demanding bonding applications when using fine mesh specifications between 230 to 460 threads per inch, high tensions, and minimal profile frames.


Frame Fast Activator 303

Non-aerosol adhesive activator, completely free of ozone depleting chemicals. Use with all Frame Fast cyanoacrylate adhesives.


Frame Fast Activator 304

Premium grade aerosol activator, also free of ozone depleting chemicals and has a reduced odor. Can be used with all Frame Fast cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Two-part adhesives consist of an adhesive base and a catalyst added to enhance the curing process and chemical resistance. Although excellent adhesives for securing the mesh to the frame, two-part adhesives can also be used as a frame primer and as a screen block-out (a permanent block-out). For use with most plastic, wood and metal surfaces.

The high shear strength and low peel strength of two-part adhesives make for durable bonds, and easy mesh removal when new screen fabric is necessary (leaving an excellent second-surface for subsequent bonds). Typically, two-part adhesives will take longer to cure than cyanoacrylates (see each product description for an estimate of cure time).

Selecting the right two-part adhesive

Two-part adhesives consist of an adhesive and a hardener catalyst that are mixed together in a specific ratio prior to mesh application. Once cured, two-part adhesives are typically considered more flexible in nature, and also have excellent solvent resistance. Most two-part adhesives work with the majority of mesh specifications - see table below.


Two-Part Adhesive Selection Table



A clear, two-part, medium viscosity adhesive for mesh counts up to 305 per inch. SEFAR 301A has a pot life of 24 hours when properly sealed, and cures between 5-15 minutes depending on adhesive/mesh thickness. Use with catalyst SEFAR Hardener D. Contains Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK).


Frame Fast Liquid Staple 300

Two-part adhesive used for bonding coarse to fine mesh counts to wood, metal or plastic. The methylene chloride-free formulation has good solvent resistance, cures in 7-20 minutes, and has a pot life of 8-24 hours. Use with Liquid Staple Catalyst 855.


Frame Fast Liquid Staple 850

Two-part adhesive used for bonding coarse to fine mesh counts to wood, metal or plastic with a 15-20 minute cure time. The adhesive has excellent solvent resistance, and a pot life between 1-5 days depending on the quantity of catalyst used. Use with Liquid Staple catalyst 855. Contains Methylene Chloride (MEC).


Frame Fast Liquid Staple 870

Two-part adhesive used for bonding coarse to fine mesh counts to wood, metal or plastic. Methylene Chloride-free formulation has excellent solvent resistance, cures in 15-20 minutes, and has a pot life of 1-2 days. Use with Liquid Staple Catalyst 855.


Frame Fast Liquid Staple Thinner 875

Liquid Staple Thinner 875 can be added to Liquid Staple 850 and 870 adhesives as a thinner to ascertain specific adhesive properties, or be used as a clean up solvent.


Frame Fast 400 Debonder

Aggressively dissolves cured Frame Fast adhesives from work areas or skin in the event of accidental bonding. Not intended to be used for screen cleaning production. Only available in 8 oz. bottles.


Frame Fast 501 Cured Adhesive Remover

Adhesive remover in semi-paste / gel formula that will dissolve both cured cyanoacrylate and two-part products. Excellent choice when multiple layers of adhesive need to be removed (eliminates frame grinding or sanding).


Frame Fast Cyano-OFF! 505

This revolutionary biodegradable product is odorless, non-flammable, non-hazardous and reusable! Cyano-OFF! will remove Frame Fast cyanoacrylate adhesives from aluminum and steel frames by quickly softening the adhesive for easy removal-soak overnight for clean frames in the morning!


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