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Screen Fabrication

As the leading manufacturer of premium screen printing fabrics, Sefar Inc. knows mesh – and we know how to make the perfect screen!

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ISO 9001 Certified Electronic & Solar Screens

With over 40 years of combined experience stretching and imaging precision polyester and wire cloth electronic and solar screens, Sefar Inc. is your preferred screen service partner.

Sefar Inc. screen making services are flexible enough to stretch screens tailored to your operation, AND quality conscious to guarentee screens that will meet your production tolerances.

Electronic Screen Fabrication


Screen Applications:

Thick Film Micro-Electronics

Hybrid Circuits

Solar / Photovoltaic Applications


Ultra-fine Lines

Microelectronic Packaging

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics

Diffusion Patterning Process

Solder Paste & Adhesives

Membrane Switches

Electronic Display Systems

Printed Circuits

Screens made for your production needs:

Mesh Only Screens

Made to order screens stretched using your preferred polyester or wire mesh, and perfectly balanced at your preferred angles (45º, 30º, 22.5º, 90º or custom angles)

Presensitized Screens

Screens can be coated with our high performance, dual cure emulsions from 0.0001 inch or greater. Sefar accomodates customer-specific emulsions as well.

Imaged Screens

Using customer-provided films or films produced by our internal artwork department (Artwork), screens can arrive at your facility ready to print!

Find a detailed description of our screen services in our

Product Information Guide for Precision Electronic Screens
Value Added Services

ISO 9001 Certified

All Sefar Inc. screen locations (Kansas City, MO, Ontario, CA) are ISO 9001 Certified to help meet our customers' stringent quality standards.

Quality Control

Sefar Inc. conducts a 100% inspection at each step in the manufacturing process to ensure screens exceed quality expectations.

Experienced Product Support

Sefar Inc. offers an extremely qualified portfolio of experts to provide service and support before, during and after screens arrive at your facility.

We stretch your custom frames too!

As the leading manufacturer of precision screen printing fabrics in the world, Sefar is familiar with the standards and requirements necessary for every screen printing application - from graphics to industrial to electronics! This makes us experts in screen-making for every industry and fabric type (monofilament polyester, nylon and wire cloth).

Please contact us directly to inquire about screen-making services for your special application. We would be happy to provide you with a quote and learn more about your screen stretching needs.

As our stretched-screen customer, you will also have access to technical support that can help improve the quality of your printing, as well as help your shop push the envelope to take on more challenging projects, and be a technical resource if you should ever have questions.


Trampoline Mounted Screen

Trampoline Mounted Screens

Sefar Inc. is also capable of stretching more difficult screen configurations such as trampoline mounted screens. Consisting of stainless steel wire cloth supported by a border of polyester mesh, these screens combine the best properties of both mesh types (fine-line printing, and superior elastisity required for off-contact printing and long print runs).

How do I obtain a quote for my stretching needs?

To learn more about how Sefar's screen stretching services can improve your print quality and production efficiency, contact our Inside Sales department at 716.683.4053. Please have the following information about your screen requirements on hand:

• Frame size (outside frame diameter, frame profile)

• Mesh specifications (include both threads-per-inch and thread diameter)

• Mesh tension requirements

• Mesh Angle (example: 45º, 22.5º, etc.)

• Emulsion type and thickness (EOM)

• Imaging / artwork requirements

• Image orientation


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