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Vacuum Filter Belts

Sefar’s innovative synthetic fabrics are the material of choice for horizontal vacuum belt filters. Sefar belts offer excellent separation efficiency and a long, trouble-free lifetime. SEFAR TETEX DLW (double-layer weave) filter media are the industries and OEM preferred solutions for horizontal vacuum belt filters – trust Sefar filter belt solutions!

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Sefar filter belt solutions for Vacuum Belt Filters

Choose Sefar as your trusted source for filtration. We are ready and capable to meet your needs. Understanding the filtration process is one key requirement for filter solution development. This is a Sefar core competence. We have spent decades developing filter media made from synthetic yarns. Sefar’s innovative synthetic fabrics are the material of choice for horizontal vacuum belt filters. Sefar filter belt solution offer excellent separation efficiency and a long, trouble-free lifetime.

Product features

Fitting belts to the specific filter equipment is essential for smooth and efficient filtration performance.

The market-leading expertise of Sefar helps to define the most suitable filter media and fabrication method for your application. With Sefar's unique belt design you can count on a consistent performance.


Top view of belt filter

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Cake discharge

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Vacuum belt filter in operation

FS_Mining & Refining_Iron-oxide

Many application areas – one solution provider

The wide range of products processed on horizontal vacuum filters requires a large selection of filter media to enhance the specific process. Subsidiaries in 26 countries provide local technical service for the broad range of solutions supplied to the various industries and equipment.

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Sefar products perform at high levels, even under aggressive conditions. Count on Sefar to meet the demands of your application process – whether it’s extreme pH, high temperatures, or specific chemical environments like solvents, oxidants, acids or alkalis.

ABS resin, BPA, catalysts, fertilizer, polymers, pigments, PTA, phosphoric acid, silicates, soda bicarbonate, sulfuric acid, zeolite



Sefar meets the high quality and productivity demands in challenging applications. Our products offer reliability in filtration by using strong woven fabrics, adapting the correct pore size to the application and providing resistance to abrasive slurries or a heavy cake.

Aluminium, flotation concentrates (coal, copper, iron, zinc), garnet, phosphoric rock and acid, potash, rare earth, tailings, titaniumdioxide



Sefar has a solution for each application used in sludge dewatering. No matter what the characteristics of your treatment, you can trust Sefar to meet the challenges of your sludge dewatering preparation.

Coolant purification, flue gas desulfurization, fly ash, waste water

FS_Design_Cover_Life Science

Life science

Sefar production methods and facilities are integrated to include verifiable traceability for life sciences industries. Only Sefar controls the yarn production, weaving and filtration through to the final filter.
The SEFAR PHARMA GMP program satisfies the regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical applications.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients, agrichemicals, nutraceuticals, intermediates

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In food applications, conformity to hygienic and safety guidelines is imperative. For this reason, a reliable supplier like Sefar – able to provide you with FDA or EU compliant fabrics for filter products – is crucial to your success. You can also count on Sefar’s consistent supply of products during seasonal production peaks.

Citric acid, glutamate, gluten, lactic acid, lecithin, lignin, spirulina, starch, vanillin

Sefar filter solutions for OEM

Our products meet the specific needs of these filtration applications and are successfully running all over the world on all known vacuum filter brands and OEMs, such as:

Andritz Separation



Filtre Philippe

FL Smidth

Hasler Group

Hitachi Zosen INVOA



RPA Process




Thyssen Krupp





Yantai Tongxing

Process requirements

Chemical resistance

Temperature resistance

Mechanical properties

FS_Process Filtration_Chemical resistance

Sefar filter belts are made from carefully selected polymers such as PP, PET, PVDF and PEEK. The right choice of polymer helps to ensure the appropriate chemical resistance for each specific filter belt application.

FS_Process Filtration_Temperature resistance

Belts from Sefar are designed to maintain their performance during their entire life and ensure troublefree operation. The appropriate selection of material is crucial to ensure performance under high temperatures.

FS_Process Filtration_Mechanical properties

Sefar belts are designed to cope with heavy loads, quick rotating and extra large rotary drum filter units. Sefar fabrics are specially optimized for high strength, the best tracking stability and the longest possible belt life.

Suspension properties

FS_Process Filtration_Suspension properties

The offered pore size selection ranges from 5 µm to over 150 µm for the processing of various suspensions. Depending on the slurry properties, Sefar offers a suitable filter solution to meet your requirements concerning particle retention and filtrate clarity.

Filtration capacity

FS_IF_Equipment_Vacuum belt_Filter cake 01

Drum filter belts from Sefar have a maximized number of pores and optimized permeability to guarantee the expected throughput. Special needs concerning cake dryness or high filtration efficiency can be met by using the latest Sefar filter media developments.

Belt installation

FS_IF_Equipment_Vacuum belt 06

Sefar offers innovative, proven and reliable closure systems for the entire belt range – from particle tight to chemical resistant. No additional installation equipment is necessary using Sefar filter belts. A trouble free and quick installation is guaranteed.

Filter media technology

Sefar double-layer weave technology is the unique filter media construction combining two different fabric layers mechanically through weaving. In comparison to a single-layer fabric, belts made from SEFAR TETEX DLW deliver outstanding filtration results: high vertical and lateral liquid flow properties, excellent resistance against creasing and mechanical stress. Best filtration results and enhanced lifetime is achieved by combining the functions of a fine filtration layer and a support drainage layer.

Largest selection of polymers

Largest selection of pore sizes

High throughput and stable production rate

Excellent cake washing and filtrate clarity

Excellent cake discharge

FS_Fabrics & Media_DLW 05

Double-layer fabric

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