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Pleated Elements

Sefar Filtration produces a wide range of dust collector bags, dust filter socks and dust collector sleeves for most industrial dust collection applications.

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Pleated Elements

Sefar Filtration proudly represents BWF Envirotec, worldwide leaders in the production of needlefelt filter media for industrial dust removal applications.

Dust collector bags are specially made from a comprehensive range of needlefelts, all manufactured with multi-layered fibre construction on a supporting mono- or multifilament scrim. This ensures all fabrics are extremely compact, stable and most importantly, mechanically robust.

By matching fibre/scrim to meet the thermal, physical and chemical requirements of industry, Sefar Filtration are able to offer dust collector bags which are exactly tailored to the technical requirements of particular dust collection applications.

Sefar Filtration provide ready-to-install dust collector bags in a variety of different sizes, lengths and shapes. Dust collector bags are available in various top and bottom versions, with welded and stitched seams.

The range includes:

Dust collector bags

Dust filter pockets

Pleated filter elements

Dust sleeves

Dust socks

Dust collector bags are suitable for all common
cleaning systems regardless whether they are:

Pulse jet bags

Reverse-air bags

Shaker filter bags

Custom filter bags

Other systems


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