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Leaf Filter

Sefar is specialized in producing ready-to-use covers, integrating innovative solutions to increase lifetime and efficiency for new and older machines.

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Sefar filter solutions for Leaf Filters

For several decades, Sefar is the leading supplier of covers, bags and candles for all types of horizontal and vertical pressure and vacuum leaf filters, such as Cricket, Diastar, Kelly, Tamaris, Miningtech  Moore, Outotec and others. Leaf filter bags are developed in close cooperation with leading equipment manufacturers as well as directly with end users, paying attention to the specific requirements of the filter equipment and separation application.


Sefar proposes a large range of solutions to answer all the customer’s requirements, such as:

Chemical, mechanical and abrasive resistance

Dimensional stability

Resistance of the media against clogging, blinding or scaling, coupled with a high regeneration capacity*
(*capacity of the woven fabric to recover the original permeability after a washing)

High strength resistance against tearing

For the food industry : FDA, EU 10/2011, EC 1935/2004, EC 2023/2006 compliance

NEW: Filter media with unique anti-scaling properties, exclusively available through Sefar, called x-Scale, which delay the scaling in applications such as alumina pregnant liquor clarification (security filtration) with the target to keep the flow rate stable for a longer period of time and reduce the maintenance cycles


For years, Sefar has continuously developed woven media with consideration for the specific needs of pressure leaf filters.

Resistance to temperature > 100°C with the minimum of shrinkage

Strong resistance for the maximum lifetime

Productivity given by an optimum flow rate

Cake moisture (cake dryness, moisture content)

Cake thickness

Filtration efficiency (filtrate clarity, solids in filtrate, particle retention, solids in suspension)

Cake release (cake discharge)

Cake washing efficiency


Sefar proposes solutions to cope with all customer frame or tube design, with ready-made and adapted filter housings, which match perfectly to any form of the support (from round to square) but which can, moreover:

prevent or delay some damage induced by cake recovery

prevent or delay damage induced by frames in poor condition

ensure the best seal possible between cover and support


To achieve this target, Sefar can offer standard and innovative solutions.

Welding assembly is available to avoid any loss of product through the hole s created during sewing

Reinforcement with high resistance against abrasion and compatible with difficult chemical environments and applied to the sensitive areas to protect the fabric, thereby improving lifetime

NEW: Special top for Diastar bags, to avoid any scaling on top area and facilitate removal and consequently help to keep the material in good conditions.

Fabrication solutions

Finished bags and covers for leaf filters from Sefar are equipped with options that significantly simplify the installation of the products. Most of our products have welded seams, which ensure minimal product loss since there are no stitching holes.

A newly developed closing system (patent pending), for the mineral industry especially, facilitates the installation of leaf filters which reduces operational expenses and the risk of leakages.

Fabricated leaf filter bags

FS_IF_Equipment_Leaf filter_Fabrication 02

Optimal sealing design

FS_Equipment_Leaf filter_Schema

No product loss using Sefar welding technology (no sewing holes)

Sefar has developed dedicated yarns and filter media to withstand strong alkaline process conditions at operating temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius. Our multichannel bags feature highly uniform dimensions thanks to an automated fabrication process from cutting to welding and channel sewing on a special sewing automate. Special thread is used for sewing and a highest-class fabric allows for smooth installation and perfect tightness on the collector.


Diastar filter installed on filtrate drainage system

Diastar filter custom fabrication

Diastar filter custom fabrication

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FS_Production_Fabrication_Sewing 06


FS_Design_Cover_Food&Beverages 03


Sugar, wheat starch slurry

FS_Design_Cover_Chemical 03


PTA, CTA, Boric acid



Alumina security filtration (pregnant liquor clarification), nickel sulphide, titaniumdioxide

Sefar filter solutions for OEM

Our products meet the specific needs of these filtration applications and are successfully running all over the world on all known leaf filter brands and OEMs, such as:




Dorr Oliver






L. B. Zhongxing Machines

Luoyang Nurui Machinery









US Filter


Filter media technology

A complete range of fabrics, including monofilament (SEFAR TETEX MONO), multifilament (SEFAR TETEX MULTI), mixed mono-multifilament, and other innovative products, are especially dedicated to pressure leaf filters. Our range is able to cover all chemical requirements, with polymers such as Polypropylene (PP), Polyamide (PA, Nylon, Rilsan, PA6-6, PA 6, PA 6-10, PA11, PA12), Polyester (PET), combined with high particle retention and an optimum flow rate, moisture content, and cake washing properties.


For this line, all the media are:

calendered to provide the smooth surface needed for good cake release

properly thermo-fixed to ensure dimensional stability

During this stage, the air permeability is monitored continuously to warrant uniformity and reliability and the pore size distribution of our line.


Monofilament fabric

FS_Fabrics & Media_Sefar Tetex Mono 03

For good filtration performance and better cake discharge

Multifilament fabric

FS_Fabrics & Media_Multifil 03

For maximum particle retention and good mechanical resistance

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