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Pre-treatment of screen printing mesh

Special finishing methods mean that Sefar screen printing mesh are fundamentally very clean. Mesh can be contaminated by handling or airborne dust.

Sefars‘ screen printing meshes do have a surface treatment which allows processing without pre-treatment. Attention! If you can’t exclude any dirt contaminations between Sefar’s delivery and the coating process, we still recommend to pre-treat the screens before coating or at least to rinse them.

After degreasing, the mesh should not be touched again. Photofilm or photographic emulsion must be applied immediately after degreasing the mesh. If screens are improperly stored for a long time, the degreased surface can still become tarnished by dust or dirt.

Degrease by spreading a modest quantity of degreasing agent over the wet mesh, using a soft brush. Leave to stand for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly using a high-pressure water jet.

PS Degreasing