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Possible causes for loss of tension

The following points should be investigated if loss of tension is problematic:

weak frame sections

mesh incorrectly inserted in the stretching clamps

stretching clamps pull unevenly: one side of the frame is laying too high

large temperature changes

insufficient waiting time befor gluing

insufficient contact between frame and screen before gluing

Extreme climatic or mechanical influences can also affect the mesh tension.

To keep the tension loss at a minimum level, it is highly recommended to use a pneumatic stretching system in order to pretension the frame.

Because the mesh must have a certain degree of elasticity during the printing process, undue demands should not be made on the tension. Differences of 1–2 N/cm are permissible.


Multi-color graphics printing experience has shown that good register is achieved at mesh tensions above 12 N/cm. It is important that all the meshes used are tensioned similarly

(+/- 1 – 2 N/cm).

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