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Details about mesh distortion

Printing with snap-off necessarily distorts the screen, even before consideration of the mesh shift caused by the squeegee action. The change or distortion of the impression depends primarily on the distance between the stencil and the printing substrate (snap-off).

Internal screen dimension: 1000 mm

Mesh distortion as a consequence of the distance between the end of the squeegee and the inner frame edge

Mesh distortion over 1000 mm

50 mm / Squeegee length 900 mm

0,180 mm

100 mm / Squeegee length 800 mm

0,090 mm

150 mm / Squeegee length 700 mm

0,060 mm

The squeegee rubbing on the mesh can cause additional distortion in print direction of the printed image.

Register inaccuracies are influenced by:

ink compounding, viscosity and weight

squeegee pressure

squeegee shape and position

squeegee hardness

printing speed

Mesh distortion «V»,

front view:

A = 1 mm V = 0,008 mm

A = 2 mm V = 0,032 mm

A = 3 mm V = 0,072 mm

Mesh distortion «V»,

side view:

A = 1 mm V = 0,002 mm

A = 2 mm V = 0,008 mm

A = 3 mm V = 0,018 mm