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Description of weave type

PS_Mesh_Plain weave 1:1

Plain weave 1:1 = PW

The mesh type is specified along with the weave type.
This describes the pattern in which the weft and warp fibres cross over each other, and is expressed as a weave number.

Screen printing mesh are either plain or twill weave.
Plain weave is a 1:1 weave.

PS_Mesh_Twill wave 2:1

Twill weave 2:1 = TW

Various types of twill weave have differing weave numbers e.g.
1:2 or 2:2.

Do not use twill weave meshes for half-tone prints! They often lead to line pattern in a 45° angle according to the weaving structure! (see Moiré effect)