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Checking mesh tension

In order to check the screen tension, the following methode is recommended by ESMA as a standard.


Normally, the print image is positioned in the center of a screen

In order to check the mesh tension, the measuring instrument is placed in position of 5 points within the stencil area

Independent from the mesh angle, the measuring results are taken in the direction of the sqeegee stroke

A first check is carried out in the center of the screen

The 4 other check points are at the intersection of imaginary lines drawn lengthwise and across the screen to divide it into 9 sections. The attached drawing illustrates the procedure

PS Mesh tension check

Control points

Tolerance of tension

The tension measuring results at the 5 points should not deviate more than +/- 1 - 2 N/cm. A set of screens for multicolour printing must also be within the same tolerance.