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Angling 4-color separation

Angling of 4-color half tone separations

In repro techniques, suitable angling eliminates the moiré effect between the half-tone of the individual component colors. The angle should not be selected arbitrarily. Half-tone angling is often given in two different ways:

Within 90° for rulings with two axes of symmetry (e.g. round dots)

Within 180° for rulings with one axis of symmetry (e.g. elliptical dots)

Strong colors like CYAN, MAGENTA and BLACK must always be at an angle of 30° from each other. This minimises visible moiré patterns due to the interplay of the raster rulings. YELLOW, beeing a weaker color, can be set at a 15° angle apart from a darker color.

PS Angling 4-colors 01

Within 90°

PS Angling 4-colors 02

Within 180°