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Quality Control Products

Sefar Inc. offers several ancillary screen printing products that can assist your shop with quality control procedures, and help improve the quality of your screen printing including digital and mechanical tension meters, handbook etc.

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SEFAR Tensocheck 100 on zeroing plate

In comparison to commonly used, spring loaded tension meters, the SEFAR Tensocheck 100 has significant performance improvements:

Measurement precision

Measurements above 30 N/cm are displayed with 0.5 N/cm resolution. A finer resolution (0.2 N/cm) is used below this figure. SEFAR Tensocheck 100 enhances the reproducibility of the screen tension.

Wide display range

SEFAR Tensocheck 100 covers the range of 4 to 60 N/cm, making it valuable measurement tool for every application and mesh specification.


Optional, certified calibration plate

Optional control plate

An optional control plate is available for the SEFAR Tensocheck 100. The control plates come with certification required by ISO quality systems. The control plate allows customers to check calibration of their SEFAR Tensocheck 100 internally, in comparison to sending it out to an external calibration service provider.

Zero adjustment

The instrument comes with a zeroing plate for quick confirmation, or adjustment simply by pressing a button. This provides repeatable results every time you use the tension meter.


Large, digital display

Digital display

The digits of the measured values are 10 mm in size, and appear on a clear, digital display that is highly legible even at a distance.

Selectable measurement units

Select between N/cm and millimeters at the touch of a button. The measuring options make SEFAR Tensocheck 100 usable anywhere in the world.

Automatic shut-off

After three minutes without measurement activity, the device shuts itself off to conserve battery life.


SEFAR Tensocheck 100 can be used and operated without any special expertise.