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PS LFM Glasprint


SEFAR LFM was designed to meet the highest demands for printing on expansive surfaces like large format posters, textile transfer printing (sublimation), glass, etc.

PS LFM Empa Picture
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A small difference having a huge effect

PS LFM microscope 150-32

Mesh-opening with SEFAR LFM 150/380-32 PW

PS LFM microscope 150-34

Mesh-opening with standard high-modulus mesh 150/380-34 PW

Engineered with the large format printer in mind


Finer, stronger threads and larger mesh openings

With its reduced thread diameter – just 32 microns – SEFAR LFM has remarkably larger mesh openings and hence an increased amount of open area which offers some outstanding characteristics:

optimized mesh geometry

balanced, low elongation

strength for larger formats

modest loss of tension

Sefar mesh selector app for smartphones

This app supports the screen printing user in selecting the optimal screen printing mesh depending on the application.

Please download it from the following page: app.sefar.com


SEFAR LFM is the large format solution

Exceptional print quality

Due to its improved mesh geometry, SEFAR LFM will maximize print results when using process, translucent, and other sensitive inks. In addition, SEFAR LFM delivers a more uniform ink deposit, finer color-value gradation, reduced risk of moiré, and sharp-edged fine lines and screen dots.

Getting to color on press quickly and increasing reproducibility on subsequent print runs is another quality feature of SEFAR LFM.

PS LFM print01_150-32

150/380-32 PW dots

PS LFM print02_150-32

150/380-32 PW text

PS LFM print01_150-34

150/380-34 PW dots

PS LFM print02_150-34

150/380-34 PW text


Minimal elongation and modest loss of tension

The greater the mesh elongation, the greater the loss in thread count. SEFAR LFM elongates less than existing screen printing meshes, which helps to maintain the thread count of the stretched mesh. That ensures better image resolution, increased print quality, and less risk of moiré effects. Because this mesh is subject to considerably less relaxation in tension, the same screen can be used more often and/or for longer print runs, which helps to reduce costs.

Longer stencil life

Special Sefar surface treatment streamlines stencil production, improves adhesion of the stencil material, and results in lengthening screen life on press.


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