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Filter Products for Infusion Filters

SEFAR MEDIFAB fabric having a mesh aperture of < 20 µm ensures that during an infusion no foreign particles enter the patient’s bloodstream. We offer tapes, tubes and bags.

FS_FC_Healthcare_Infusion_Infusion set 03
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Ribbons, stamped pieces, tape and dispenser products

The infusion filter acts as a security filter. The function of the filter consists in retaining particles larger than 20 µm which might be present in the infusion solutions (e.g. aggregated nutrients, pharmaceutical compounds, etc.) or which may originate from the infusion bag and infusion bottle, respectively.


Fabrics can be heat or ultrasonically slit. Ribbons width ranges from 7 mm to 2400 mm (heat-slit) or from 4 mm to 350 mm (US-slit).

Tape & dispenser products

Fabrics can be combined with one or several adhesive layers that enables a cost-efficient and fast joining of the fabric piece to any filter component.

Stamped pieces

Discs or other con-
figurations can be laser
cut, cold or ultrasonically stamped. Disc diameter ranges from 6 to 95 mm.

Filtration efficiency

Filtration efficiency of 20 µm particles of SEFAR MEDIFAB 03-15/10 and 07-15/9

in comparison to ISO requirements.


Passes USP plastics class VI tests

Biocompatible according to ISO 10993


Non-hemolytic, non-cytotoxic, low extractables

Precision monofilament fabrics having defined surface characteristics

Customer specific surface coatings available (including plasma)

Customer specific fabrication in a clean room class 7 (ISO 14644-1)

Raw materials comply with FDA 21 CFR 177

Raw materials used are polyester (PETP) and polyamide (PA)

Non-standard materials, e.g. polyetheretherketone (PEEK) or polypropylene (PP)
can be supplied in MEDIFAB quality upon request

ISO 13485 certified production processes

Validated washing and finishing process in accordance with GMP guidelines

ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environment management system

Additional information on our fabrication capabilities can be found by following the links below:

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