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Sefar Solutions for Diagnostics

SEFAR MEDITEX fabric improves the measurement speed and accuracy of diagnostic test strips.
The homogeneous structure and hydrophilic surface guarantee a rapid and even distribution.

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SEFAR MEDITEX HPL serves as an aid to good distribution on test strips. The outstanding properties of the product allow maximum flexibility in the design of the test strips and guarantee accurate and reproducible test results.

Your Benefits

Precise fabric dimensions

Homogeneous material properties

Exceptional lot-to-lot consistency

Defined surface characteristics

High throughput rates

Excellent particle retention efficiencies

Non-shedding due to monofilament yarn

High wicking rates due to specific weave constructions

High wettability due to hydrophilic surface coatings

Unrivaled two-dimensional stability

Absorption and spreading

Hydrophilic fabric absorbs and spreads 5 µl of water

Product range

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